The Mentalator will jumble the 8 digits in Olivia's birthdate with the Triple Zero making an 11 digit number called PREDICTIONS and the Mentalator will colorise the digits and ask Psychic Baby Moana to jumble into another number called the O CROSSBERRY.

Without knowing the birthdate I am going to try for my very first time to predict the O BLACKBERRY from the  O CROSSBERRY predicted by the Psychic Baby.

Someone else will predict the O APPLEBERRY from the O CROSSBERRY and someone else will unjumble to produce the PSYCHICBABY number which will be the birthdate with Triple Zero in middle and if the APPLE plus the BERRY plus the BLACKBERRY equals the CROSSBERRY you may wonder how this 33 digit DUM SUM  could be created? 

No tricks, just Orithmetic for babies and dummies for Bub Coins and Psychic Money! Think of a number and take care of the little ones! Who will witness this magic 33 years in the making?
psychic baby now 4 into CROSSBERRY PREDICTIONS
For Mentalators age 6 to 9. Look through the peephole in the Sum Code and notice baby and Dum Code. Calculate the 33 digit Dum Sum in one minute!

What is the difference between a Mentalator and a Mentalist? Mentalator refers to a performer of basic mental arithmetic. A Mentalist is a magician who creates illusions of impossible feats including with numbers. Refer to the bible of mentalism "13 steps to Mentalism" by Corinda and you will see the word trick on most pages.

Mentalation does not rely on tricks to perform amazing number magic, just basic arithmetic! And mentalation starts from babyhood predictions of the total of unknown sums. It can also be used by people with difficulty in understanding arithmetic. It's about dumbfounding the Smarties!

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Celestine working on Dum Sum Dance for Olivia Money
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